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Water leak, often an elusive and destructive feature, can often lead to you spending hundreds of dollars in the long run if not taken care of immediately. Our plumbers at LHR Plumbing & Heating are efficient in leak detection with the most advanced technology that is non-invasive and can pinpoint the leakage.

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Signs That You Need Leak Detection Service

There are quite a few tell-tale signs that you need the help of water leak detection services in Hooksett, New Hampshire when you experience either one or more of these:

Damp spots or spot discoloration on walls: Water seepage can lead to visible water stains at visible places if you are lucky—the minute you see it call LHR Plumbing & Heating services to repair the water leak.

Warped or changed floorboards, full or partial: At times, a slab leak or floorboard leak is challenging to detect until there are bent or changes in the shape of the floor. Any water leak underneath the floorboard will not only damage the flooring of the property by the foundation of the entire structure. It hence needs the immediate attention of an expert.

The sudden appearance of mildew and mold or smell of it: when there is no ventilation or drain, mold and mildew will appear where there is water stagnation. So if there is a spot in your property, which has such a growth, call LHR Plumbing & Heating for water leak detection immediately.

A sudden unexplained spike in water bill: If you are suddenly experiencing a surge in your water bill and, despite turning off all water supply, your water meter is not at zero. You have water leakage in your property.

Crack on wall paints: Initially, there won't be water bleeding on the wall, but a slight leak will crack the wall's paint so, if you notice new cracks on the wall and mainly from where your water pipes go.

As you cannot see the leakage itself, it is better to pay attention to such smaller signs, saving you a ton of headache and cost in the long run.


Why Do You Need A Professional For Water Leak Detection Services?

While you can detect minor signs mentioned above, a professional in Hooksett, New Hampshire would be able to pinpoint the area of issue.

Since a property's plumbing is hidden under the floorboards and behind the drywall for aesthetic reasons and safety, it is difficult for a layperson to identify the small area of leakage. When there is water leakage, even a small one can eventually be disastrous, chewing on the drywall or destroying the floorboard.

The LHR Plumbing & Heating professionals have in-depth knowledge of identifying such leaks with special tools and equipment.



How We Help With Water Leakage Detection

Our skilled plumbers are experts in the industry with the latest tools in finding even the disguised wall, floorboard, or slab leakage. But, unfortunately, few steps are followed to remedy the issue.

Based on the visual, the area is marked.

Advanced equipment like a listening disc or/and ground microphone is used. These help to zero down the area from where the water is leaking.

Pressure and temperature are also measured to ensure the kind of material needed to block the leakage.

It is worth hiring LHR Plumbing & Heating services in Hooksett, New Hampshire to rectify your water leak today.

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